Musical Instrument Sets

Home Instrument Kits We Recommend for Music Together® & Rhythm Kids Classes

While we cannot meet and share instruments in big social groups the same way we have done in the past - we are encouraging parents to have musical instruments available at home for children to play while they sing, dance, play along and make their own music. For kiddos who remember instruments we used to use in our studio classes, this is a wonderful point of reconnection. For children new to the program - they will notice that what they are playing with at home matches what their teacher is playing! Imitating teacher is one of those amazing signs of growth we love to see as children develop musically.  Not only will the child notice they are using the same instruments as their teacher, but they will also notice that their instruments match what other friends in class are playing too!  Playing instruments that match their friends is an exciting point of connection for a child and it reinforces that what they are doing is connected to a larger social network of music makers. This is another simple way we at tuneBugz! strive to create a greater sense of social connection through our online experiences. We want to make it as easy as possible for children to feel socially connected to their teachers, their friends and even their grandparents and cousins fromm across town or across the country!  While we will still offer instruments in single use capacity in our outdoor classes we encourage you to purchase, foster or adopt your own set and start building your music box at home. 

OPTION 1 -  Purchase

Purchase all the instruments you need from Music Together Store Online!

Here are the instruments we use in our classes that you can purchase to increase connection for online students and to decrease contact points for families doing classes in person. 

1 set wooden or red/green plastic rhythm sticks - 8 inches - one smooth/one rigid  

1 set shaker eggs 

2 set of wristlet jingle bells 

1 scarf/play silk 

1 set little plastic maracas, chiquitas - also called maraquitas

1 set A & D resonator bells w/ mallets (for 2 and ups)   

OPTION 2 - $15  Foster - SORRY SOLD OUT  


Happy music making!