What's Included? How Does it Work?

TuneBugz! has been growing music makers in Austin for more than 10 years and we’re excited to continue offering parent/child music classes right at HOME without missing a beat! 

Fall semester we are studying musc, art and more -  at home!

Did you know that before this crazy pandemic and quarantine that Music Together® was always a home based, parent modeled, music education program that supports all early learning areas? It was! The big change is for us now is to stay phsically distanced provide broader support.


This Fall you will have the option to choose from the following programs:

Music Together Mixed-Ages

Music Together Babies Only (birth to 6 months) 

Rhythm Kids Level 1 (4s and 5s) 

Rhythm Kids Level 2 (kinder to 2nd grade) 

Song Inspired Art Class (18 months to 2nd grade) 

PreK Distance Learning Pod (ages 3 to 5 but can be adapted younger/older) 


Classes are generally 30 to 40 min engagements in Zoom with trained, experienced teachers who make the VERY most out of Zoom engagements.

Every teacher has dedicated support staff in each class to help make the zoom experience the very best, most interactive experience without dimininishing the teacher's first love - teaching and engaging with your child. 

Pricing is per family. 

Pricing is based on how many classes you want, and how many times a week you'd like to do class with us. 

Choose your price, Choose your adventure!